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Thread: New Programmer

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    New Programmer

    Hello guys my grammer maybe kinda bad but bare with me and try to answer my question. I am a new programmer and i would really like to learn how to hack i am currently at a community college taking visual basic classes but i want to have a wide range of programming skills not to mention i am only *5. I am really serious about becomeing a hacker and i would like your help to after all if i did not want your help i would not be posting this and would not of registered on the web site .

    My examples of what i want my hacks to be like

    -wall hack CSS
    -Make a virus with multiple languages
    - Do sick designs
    - Make games

    If you can help me at all that would be awsome or just give me some tips where to get started for hacking and advancements in computer programming I thank you very much who ever you are reading this and giving me tips after all we are now a big family out there on the web and i am the kid who you want to take in and show him every thing to defend my self and keep people away from doing bad things somtimes because without your help guys i am more like this ------>
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNewby0* View Post
    -wall hack CSS
    Everyone playing games (myself included when I used to) hates cheaters, especially noobs who use others' tools. It kinda takes away the point and competitiveness of a game when you cheat.

    If you still want to do it, there are many languages you could use. C or C++ are most capable in my opinion and most universal. VB would probably be easier to use and maybe more suited to interacting with Windows itself. You'll fail hard at C or C++ though unless you've learned it already -- they're not really something that can just be picked up.

    -Make a virus with multiple languages
    If you're doing it for education or for non-destructive purposes, try the C language and perhaps some assembly. You'll want to look into the PE format.

    If you're doing it for destructive purposes, please switch off your computer and hurl it out the window. Destroying other people's stuff without reason (both computer-based and in real life) is incredibly lame and pointless, and earns zero respect (and more likely a good beating). At least have a purpose. No offence meant if that's not what your aim is (I hope not).

    - Do sick designs
    Perhaps learning art and/or Photoshop/GIMP usage. Then again, art is not something you can teach. Pirate a copy of Photoshop and try some Photoshop tutorials.

    - Make games
    I'd imagine games are written in C++ because it needs to use the graphics libraries (OpenGL or whatever they use). VB would be too slow for this.

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    if u still want to cheat and ruin the point of a game, here is a site i have picked up along the years...


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