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So you can only be a hacker if you went to college for computers? Or can you learn on your own?
Not sure if I'd call myself a hacker, but I'm sixteen and haven't had any formal education in computer-related things (well, I'm sort of starting now).

Do you need to go to college? Hell no. If you can only learn with someone holding your hand all the way, you're not really hacker material; just a new average-pay programmer for X corporation.

Most hackers are self-taught, whether or not they decided to utilise their skills in their career.

Age, location; none of this matters. As long as you're intelligent and self-sufficient, you can reach a pretty impressive level after several years.

I know you guys hate stupid questions, so feel free to drill me
Sounds like a metaphoric invitation .

How long does it take to learn all this stuff. I mean if a bunch of people can teach themselves to learn phone noises-but computers are harder right?
Depends what you mean by "all this stuff". People can learn programming languages (just at an average level) in several months.