Alright Im having a little problem, I have the Perfect Keylogger by blazingtools registered, and I love it. So I decided to try other parts of it, particularly the remote installation, and I have a problem

Everytime I try to run the remote installer it goes like this:

What do you want to do? I check Install perfect keylogger or update a current installation
I check notify me when the package is launched by email

Specify program: I want to combine it with a Halo 2 modding program

Folder on remote computer: C:\Windows\System*2

Automatically UnInstall after?: 7 days


Next is a little tricky

It says Specify the External file for download, and it says it will launch after the program is installed, and it has a tick box, since I dont know what that is for, I don't tick it, and click next

Ok now it says, Making Package... ... ...


So yea, It fails, and I would like to know how I can fix this