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Thread: 250$ to anyone who can efficiently complete my task

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    Thumbs down 250$ to anyone who can efficiently complete my task

    My best friend has been missing since 5-2*-07 without contact to anyone she knows. I strongly believe something has happened to her and she is NOT okay. The police is pretty much doing nothing especially since her parents told them she is a drug addict. She has/had a myspace account. I know who she supposedly last contacted via myspace. I need to get into that person's myspace inbox. So you see, this is not your typical myspace plead. This is serious and only serious people that can be of service need to reply or contact me. I have emailed plenty of "hacker" services, but they are hard to get a reply from unless you just order the service.

    What I need: Access to targets myspace account. I do not have their user login name. Only their url and I.P.

    Proofs before immediate payment via PayPal.

    The proofs should be a screen shot of an full page of an open read/sent mail in the inbox.

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    Her "user login" should be her email.

    Also, I'd s***est getting a program called Brutus to brute-force the password to the account.

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    hey moonbat, you might want to provide instructions because I never got brutus to work :/

    but other than that, yea thats basically what you need to do, you cant get very far without they're email

    If you happen to know the person through a different form of contact, you could try sending them a fake myspace log in, which will send you a copy of his/her log in credentials

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    I used a mix of what I already knew along with this video on YouTube:

    Using Brutus to Crack a Computer Running Telnet Services

    This a a tutorial with actual narration.

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    Contact Fox/Myspace support center with your complaint or get a court order to get information from them.

    Hacking in this case is not smart. This isnt in your hands and should be handled by your states' missing persons department.

    Another note: If you found her I doubt you are going to kidnap her back without indangering yourself.
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