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Thread: Aim Ip

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    Aim Ip

    My friend's accounts are be hacked, well one is anyways. One username is getting hacked, and I am on the case to try to firgure out who it is...any ideas? The other one is someone is going around on this Screen Name, saying it is that person, and being an ass so everyone, so I want to find out the IP so I can see who this is. I tried the netstat -n, but i need to know what to look for. Most of them turn out to be American Online, like something wierd like that (I did a test with my friends sn first.) I would really like some help on this! I am new to this whole thing, so words that a regular person can under stand would be nice, but I am catching on fast!

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    Your friend probably fell for a phishing attack, and the only thing that can help that is education.

    Tell him/her to try the 'reset password' link, or to contact AOL regarding this. Don't bother calling the police about this though, because this is totally insignificant to them.

    You should also forget about *****ing this guy down, because it's likely that he uses a big ISP like AOL and you won't get anything near precise location from the IP address.

    My advice: tell your friend to get a new account and forget about it, if AOL don't show any signs of helping. You'll find that if you're smart with your email accounts, you tend to not lose them. The chances are low that anyone has found a way to instantly hack any account, and if they did they wouldn't be wasting their time impersonating your friend over AIM.

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