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Thread: Keyloggers

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    Hey, i was wondering if anyone could post a keylogger without virsus in them.
    I would like to use it to send it to my older brothers computer to moniter his actions as he is hanging out with the wrong crowd, and I'm willing to 'rat' on him if it means saving him. I'm already searched on google and downloaded them. All they have given me was virus. I would like a one that actually works, and could some give me complete instructions on how to send it to him via e-mail or link.

    Thank in Advance,

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    If you downloaded from legitimate sites, there is probably nothing wrong with them. Free keyloggers are abused so much that they are detected by virus scanners, even the builder (client) program. Find a keylogger you like, and if you have access to your brothers comp, install it and add it to the exclusions list.

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    Thanks, but do you know any legitiment sites with keyloggers with no viruses?
    Also where do I find the exclusions list?

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    I found this keylogger,completely invissible in the infected pc,but it does not have the remote feature. So if you can install it in his PC,you'll be alright as long as you do the settings in the correct way.
    You can view the product here:

    NOTE: all keylogger will activate your antivirus,unless is spytector
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    Again, use google. [url]http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=firefox-a&channel=s&rls=org.mozilla%*Aen-US%*Aofficial&hs=NQ8&q=+norton+exclusion+list&btnG=Search[/url]

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