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Thread: Data Corruption?

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    Exclamation Data Corruption?

    The problem:

    Yesterday, my friend restarted the computer due to the freezing. During the freeze, the thumb drive was still in the USB port. She switch off the computer and switch it on again. While the computer was rebooting, she removed the thumb drive from the computer. After the rebooting of the computer was done, she pl***ed her thumb drive into her computer again, wanting to access to the image files inside the thumb drive (jpg), but some problems occured- She couldn't open the file. When she opens the file, there weren't preview avaliable. Previously before the freezing of the computer occurred, there weren't such problem, the images could still be viewed using "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer". So what exactly had happen? Data corruption? I really appreciate if you guys could help me. Thanks in advance.

    *Sorry for the poor language used.
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    Alrite dude, i'm sorry ok? It's just a small mistake? Do you have to use the word FUCK on me?
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    What he's saying is that we can't really help you with this issue, you'd have to go to the USB drive manufacturer.

    I'm pretty sure since you took out the drive without 'safely' removing it, the data in it got corrupted. You'd have to go to someone with exptertise in data recovery (after all, nobody can help you with that over the net).

    I wouldn't s***est getting services like data recovery unless the pictures were important (like the first time a baby walks or something).

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    I'm pretty sure we're all past the stage of being offended by words. He used it for emphasis, unless he's implying sexual intercourse with a person/object named 'awful'.

    Back to thread: I don't know anything about anything and I don't know how USB drives work, but my guess is that the filesystem on the drive is corrupted; probably not the files themselves. Try some file recovery utilities on it.

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