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Thread: Question About Programs??

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    Question About Programs??


    I bought a poker odd's caculator, a tool used for online poker. I now have a new computer and would like to download the program to that comoputer. Is there away I can send that program to my email address and then download it form my email to my new computer?? I really dont want to purchase a new one.. Any help would be great...Thanks!!

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    zip it up

    i actually have no idea of poker software...never played it.
    the only thing that u can send via email would probably be the installation file.
    if the software is installed on a trial basis and u've already cracked it then u'd have to perform the same crack on ur new computer. just zip the installation file and send it to urself via email. thats the simplest way that i could think of. hope that helps.

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    You can pop your old hard drive in your new computer. Set the pins on your new hard drive to ******, the old hard drive to slave (If they are on the same IDE cable) If they are on seperate IDE/SATA cables each one can be set to ******, but any other drives(CD ROM, DVD, etc) must be set to slave.

    When you go to my computer you will be able to access your second hard drive & run the program or copy the files you need.

    Or... learn the odds yourself:

    There is the math behind it, now you can easily write a program to perform the operations for you given a poker hand.
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