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Thread: P2P programs

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    P2P programs

    Hey, my home internet connection is for the whole complex I live, and when the system detect that you are using P2P programs they cancel your internet for a while (* times max), then they cancel your connecion for ever, Can somebody tell me how to make they do not detect that I am using P2P programs??

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    An ISP that limits your service in any way based on ports/applications is not worth paying for (such as blocking port 25 or Bittorrent ports); they have no business deciding what you can and can't use it for once you have paid. An ISP that puts all clients behind NAT is equally worthless.

    I'll give instructions for Bittorrent, because that's what I use.

    First, download Peerguardian (or Safepeer if using Azureus). This attempts to prevent connections to known unwanted organisations such as copyright-enforcers (MPAA, RIAA et al) and other people that are either trying to incriminate you or degrade your service. This should stop you getting infringement notices.

    Next, set your Bittorrent client to use a non-default port in the high ranges (e.g. 4857* or something like that), and forward this port in your router's settings to your local static address. Oops, I forgot that your complex probably puts everyone behind a router, so you're going to get really bad speeds on Bittorrent or any P2P application if this is the case (since you can't accept incoming connections). UPnP may however solve this; see what your program says about NAT reachability.

    Now, set your Bittorrent client to require transport encryption. This stops your ISP from blatantly disregarding your privacy rights and inspecting everything you download on Bittorrent via packet analysis. If you don't do this, they may see you downloading X movie and boot you off their service. Trust me, this is all too easy for them with nicely automated programs to sniff traffic to see what people are doing.

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    Thanks, it worked great.

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