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    hi, im new to this forum, would pls some can help me
    is there any trojan which i can send through my mail to targets mail adress and when he checks his mail he automatically logs off and have to login again,
    now when he logs in again the password which he types has to be recorded and sent back to my mail adress,
    can any one design a trojan like this???????????????????????????

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    This specific type of trojan, a keylogger, doesn't work like that, the victim would have to download it. Unless you found some unpatched vulnerability in the browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) that the victim is using that allows you to remotely execute commands, this idea will never work.

    P.S. - Using more than one question mark makes you sound like you're suprised, or that you are impatient and want your question answered immediately, and people who are impatient generally don't get helped very much.

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    Thread: locked.

    Reason: idiocy.

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