whats up guys, how you all doing
i am saudi and i can tell you in brief that the guys who were writing in arabic and the translator are just young guys who wants to kill some time chatting to each other like any other forum.
I know that they should'nt write in a different language( at least with an appropriate translation) but at the end, they were not talking bad about your country and religon and politices.

Saudi Girl and Shanon KSA are 2 girls talking about the forum and PRISON BREAK only ( 2 normal funny nice girls, one of them needs to improve her language).

i admit that there are a lot of things wrong in our country, but it is a lot worse in yours. (no country is perfect), we like the way that you are and you should do the same.
i liked this forum (although it small one because i senced that there are a lot of groun up guys in here)

thank you and have a nice weekend.
"The king left the building"