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Thread: for ppl posting in arabic... big surprise

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    Talking for ppl posting in arabic... big surprise

    good morning every one, this is my first post in this site....... i registered only when i saw about two posts written in arabic.... their writers want from us to believe they are saudi....iam sorry to tell them "they're exposed" .... it's quite obvious they are using translation websites to rise hate against us" saudi ppl".... you can't tell the difference like i do, it's my mother language..
    their writing doesn't make sense its only a punsh of words grouped together.... a 6 years old saudi boy can write better than this...

    i have a request for the dear memmbers..... respect others believes and backgrounds..... iam n't happy for the way this forum talking about saudi ppl..
    for any comment or question plz be my guest....
    regard... the surgeon
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