Hello everyone
Im pretty new to all of this keylogging business. I think my spouse is cheating on me and i would like to put a keylogger on his computer but i dont have his laptop he leaves it at work all of the time. I have looked up spytector and i have some questions first questions is i dont understand what a file joiner is i read it but i still dont understand. Do i have to have that just to send it to his computer like a picture of what and do i need the extra support becasue spytector is supposed to be undetected by most ant-spyware. My spouse just downloaded mcafee onto his computer the 8-* will it be able to get passed that. Can someone please help a neebie. I dont know much about computers . I just dont want to get catch i have done this things before and the other keylogger would pop up or he would scan our computer and it would find it. I would like to hide the keylogger in a picture file just to send it to him.