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Thread: Acouple Questions. Reguarding something important.

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    Acouple Questions. Reguarding something important.

    okay I recently got a virus but i gotten it off my pc however... my av deleted my iexplorer.exe and my "notepad.exe" anyone know where i can get these tools at instead of having to download them off of microsoft's website? thanks in advance

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    Running a pirated copy of windows? Would you settle for Firefox and Open Office? or do you need notepad and internet explorer?
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    does firefox support in game rooms? if so i might need ie and the notepad.exe once again lol

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    for notepad [url]*Aen-US%*Aofficial&channel=s&hl=en&q=notepad+replacement&btnG=Google+Search[/url]

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    Download a pirated copy and transfer iexplore.exe and notepad.exe over from there.

    Alternatively, use Firefox and Notepad++. Firefox is better than Internet Explorer in most ways.

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