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Thread: Apology and Reply

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    Post Apology and Reply

    Hello everybody,
    I want to apologize for the incivility shown by some Saudi did. On the other hand, not all of them are Saudi because of big grammatical mistakes in Arabic. I read the arguments, they were embarrassing. You may wonder how did those Saudi come to this forum, they were sent by E-mails about Saudi man as a funny thing. I can't justify him.

    I have something to say for those who insulted Islam and Muslims, How is religion related to such things? Why when a Muslim does something you talk about his religion, while if a Christian or a Jew or who ever does the same thing you don't even mention his or her religion? Some of you insulted Muhammad-peace be upon him. Why? While we as Muslims love and respect and believe in Jesus, Musa and all of the prophets and they are followed by (peace be upon them). I know Islam better than any of those who insulted Islam and it is innocent of all the charges or it wouldn't be the most growing religion in the world. If you suspect what I wrote, search about it and learn the real Islam, not from your media, probably books that have been written by honest writers.

    I'm a Saudi girl living in Saudi Arabia and I'm proud of my religion, and I'm happy and comfortable with my life because I found faith in Allah and have the pleasure of faith.

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    I've just noticed that religious discussions will be deleted,

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    A few questions for you.
    * Have they removed your clitoris yet?

    2 Has your family traded you off to a *5 year old man for 2 goats and a camel?

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