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Thread: dreamweaver to database

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    Question dreamweaver to database

    HI-I create websites in dreamweaver and was hoping someone knew of a company or individual who could convert a site to a database site-so my clients can edit themselves---

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    Unless your website is extremely small and simple, this is quite an extensive task and you should be prepared to pay upwards of $500 for the job.

    Try googling for some freelance websites to find yourself a freelance programmer. I use them occasionally.

    Since I'm a generous guy, here are my favourites:

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    I think he might be talking about the FTP synchronization setting that Dreamweaver offers. This allows you to upload files on save. It stores a local copy on your machine and a remote copy on the server. If this is what you are talking about I have a few more specific question so I can determine what information need to get setup.
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