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Thread: ProRAT Help, Lol

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    ProRAT Help, Lol

    Ok I tried creating the server in EVERY last stinkin' format, put them on lan, but when they get to desktop they all say, something about cannot access it. It is an administrator account. I also tried, burning to cd, uploading to website AND ftp, but no luck!! I have Nod*2 everything disable, and it doesn't kill the servers!! Also the desktop doesn't have ANY AV software!! I tried it on another desktop and it worked on that one!! Wtf? EDIT: How can I use a non-se ProRAT to help my sister who is on a college network? I can't use her internal IP of course, so do I connect to her WAN IP then use proconnective to list her pc?
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    uhh, whats your issue?

    i never read that a server.exe from prorat works on a LAN...
    i mean, you can infect your self of a server and actually control your comp from prorat, on a LAN, but as for infecting a whole LAN or anyone on a LAN, i dont think its gonna work.
    prorat is based on ip addresses, LAN is based on MAC addresses.

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