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Thread: Official Leaving Thread

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    tibiagamegold Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by AlAhssa View Post
    Dear All,

    On behalf of all Saudis & Muslims Id like to apologize for the bad image that you had get from some one named himself Saudi Man, this guy only represent his own self nether the Saudis nor Muslim, we actually like to give respect to receive it.

    Best Regards,
    An Eastern province man from Saudi Arabia

    you r right

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    Why so harsh? This thread is old, and frankly should be unstuck. But mike made it, so if he wants to unstick it he will, otherwise, well, I dunno what happens otherwise.
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    I've decided to unlock this. What we should be doing is deleting all the spam and Saudi-related shit, instead of lazily locking threads because it takes less effort.
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