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    Official Leaving Thread

    This is the thread to list all the people that are leaving; perhaps for a short period or forever.
    • SyntaX******
    • Moonbat
    • Troll
    • mike*5*

    I am leaving because I need to sort my life out and this forum comes really low in my current priorities. I can't elaborate much more because I'm kind of drunk (yup, sorting out my life), and I just don't want to.

    Moonbat, Troll and Syntax's announcements made me think about things, and leaving is my conclusion. I have way too many obligations to spend time on internet forums, for the moment.

    Thus, I propose that we all meet on this forum in exactly three months, starting tomorrow. That's January 2*st, 2007 @ 22:20 GMT -- note it down in your diary [if you have one...].

    In one day (October 2*st, 2007 @ 22:20 GMT ), I propose that we all leave and don't even occasionally come back to check on things (until the final date in January). Before that time tomorrow, we can leave our final messages in this thread (or the other), or whatever you want to do.

    I advise us all to clear out our PM inboxes/sent messages, so there will hopefully be enough room for * months' worth of PMs.

    At that date, we'll discuss things and some may decide to leave forever, or perhaps some may decide to be regulars again. Who knows? I haven't decided yet whether to leave forever.
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