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Thread: Stop Offend Our Oountry

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    Stop Offend Our Country


    I read that some on from Saudi Arabia enter to the forum and trying to offend you guys,,

    actually he doesn't spam he is want to define him self & was said he doesn't speak a good English also he interesting in the forum ,,, but you guys don't welcome him so the problem is rise up..

    I know that topic is very old, I read the post about A "notice for Saudi people", ((mike*5*)) you offend us and I find you no respect, I register just to repay to you that we are people not accept any offends

    look if you want to replay to that sh*t user,, replay the word against him ,, and don't general the Saudi people, this one thing ,,

    the other thing I see this forum is about Computers & Internet tools, you talk about the politics of other country and trying to distort our country ,,, Saudi Arabia give you the oil for your life with out it you can't drive your car or get this computer to manage this form, think about it and stop offend us and our traditional you think it's "barbaric and immoral rules" yeah what we expected from you , take a look for the books about the Arab country, read about it before send offense against the rich History , the authors of this books is from your country.

    notice that you don't believe on god ok that's your personalty, and your responsibility on your life, not our business.

    at last we don't want your apologise keep it.

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