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Thread: Stop Offend Our Oountry

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    Death metal is pretty good, sure beats black metal.

    I have a wide taste in music though, anything catchy gets my vote.
    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike*5* View Post
    The Bible has been preserved for over 2000 years, but that doesn't make it any less a heap of shitty delusional storytelling.
    is the Gospel or, more precisely, the Gospels that the Christians have today. Although one of the basic principles of our faith is to believe in the Gospel that was revealed to ‘Eesa, we also believe that there is no longer any book that remained as it was revealed by Allaah, neither the Gospel nor anything else, apart from the Qur’aan. Even the Christians themselves do not believe that the books that they have before them were revealed in that form from God, nor do they claim that the Messiah wrote the Gospel or at least that it was written during his lifetime, and these books clerics Jewish and Christian changed the word of God and put talk of themselves and become these books now false attributed to God lied on the minds of the people
    They counterfeit from the 2000 year…
    Look at the holy books of Christians and Jews when they vary from state to another depending on the view there cleric!!!

    But the Koran had not changed and is talk of God, and it has been
    Preserved *00% In the Original Language - for over *,400 years From God ...

    From God
    From God

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grifin View Post
    i think this thread has no ending, cause religion its a eternal discussion ever. every single religion or belief has his issues, for example, catholic religion, talks about austerity but baticano's has gold c****s, finest carpets in world, books ridges of gold.. and stuff like that, but you have to take one of them, if you want..

    for me, if you let me say, religions like budism are the one who fits with everyone religion cause this one talks about take care of yourself and everything around you. with this thing of karma, just think about it, where comes around, comes around, truly complety have to be a good person if you dont the enviroment conspires against you to payback. i dont practice any religion i just take care of myself and the people who take care of me, family friends, and i try to do my best whit the third ones. dont hurt anybody or anything
    The beautiful Islam does not compel anyone to enter, but we have to know that Islam is the only religion that makes you escape from hell…


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    Quote Originally Posted by NAKOTOFURY View Post
    who cares religion shit, if you have Death Metal?
    Why did you say that???

    Are you happy in your life ???

    don't you feel somthing lost inside you???

    so you don't care about your self ... every body have Death but

    you should know ... after Death all of us come back to our God

    who is create us ...... I know you are very kind so don't try to ignore

    your self because Allah loves you when he creat you in own earth

    and gave you mind to thinking ...use this mind

    and ask your self who is Create me??? do you think he doesn't deserve

    that from you ..........I don't want you to replying me ok...just think give your

    self a chance........

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