Hello Everyone, I just Found this site from google and looked very good, Cause there is few other hackers than me . Any way Im gonna Teach you how you can use Prorat.

*.Download Prorat (www.prorat.net) or Torrent... I can upload SE version here if you will give few requests. Exract Prorat And open it.

2. You are now in main screen. Look to Left - Down Corner and there is button "Create" Press it and then Create ProRat Server.

Now you will think what the hell is server?
The Server is program What you will send to your victim and when your victim run it... You are his computer ******

Now when u are in Create Server screen go to Server Extensions and select what ever u want (exe , Bat, com , Scr, Pif) Recommed is .Exe File.

If you selected .Exe go to Server icon Tab and select Any icon you want.
And then Create Server! now it will make Server File to your Prorat Folder. DO NOT RUN IT OR YOU HAVE VIRUS ON YOUR COMPUTER! You can rename that like "Footballgame" Or anything you want and then Pack it with Winrar. Send it to your friend and say to him "Its football game run it" =D.

You need to know your friend IP... Now go to main screen and put IP there and Connect. Then it will connect to your Friend Computer. Have Fun!