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Thread: catch Online Infedelity

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    crackie Guest

    catch Online Infedelity

    You're about to join thousands of other men and women in your exact position who have come here for answers about how to find out if you're living with a flesh-eating zombie. Imagine this... What if there was a way you could read your spouse's mind and secretly know if they are a zombie or not? Since the Internet is the number * means of communication for people who are zombies, imagine

    how quickly you could find out the truth if you could see EVERY piece of communication that your spouse had with their zombie firends.

    How to Investigate - Suspicions of Zombism
    Domestic Zombie Investigations
    Detecting A Zombie
    Zombism: Are you just being Suspicious?
    What "Suspicious Activity" Should I Look For?
    Zombie Statistics
    Investigating how zombies think

    By keeping your eyes peeled and ears open, you can sidestep the advantages new methods of communication offer zombies and, hopefully, discover whatR*7;s really going on.

    For more ways to catch a zombie,click
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    Thanks dude! Now I can help my neighbors out by revealing their zombie spouses!
    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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    Made me lol for quite some time.

    Good job.
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    Not much work really. Just take the paragraph and wherever you see the word zombie, replace it with words like 'infedelity' 'cheating' 'affair' etc. and you'll get an idea of what the original post was like.
    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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    I was about to say that made no sense
    7h* L**7*57 c4n7 h4ck m*!
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