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Thread: NEED HELP FAST for unfair C++ assignment

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    Exclamation NEED HELP FAST for unfair C++ assignment

    Hello all. I am a mostly straight 'A' university student, who despite having followed my curriculum exactly as intended and meeting all prerequisites, have found myself forced into a class with fairly moderate C++, without the school having yet given me any proper C++ training whatsoever.. (I only know the basics currently, from random experience.)

    I currently have a very frustrating assignment, for which there is virtually no help for in any of my course materials, and the instructor does not even seem to know what he is talking about and gives me annoyingly vague, confusing answers whenever I email him questions (and now he doesn't even respond at all !)..

    Please, I could really use some help as I am stuck and need to have this assignment done by Sunday, **:5* MST, though I may be able to get it extended if necessary (but am not sure that it would be allowed)..

    There does not seem to be an easy way to post attachments here, so I have instead uploaded the ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS (" Data Structures and Artificial Intelligience with Lab FALA07 - Sec B.pdf "), as well as the current state of MY CODE (" main.cpp ") in a .zip file at the following URL :


    This is a Win*2 console project done in Microsoft Visual Studio, as I am sure you would see from my assignment instructions.
    Basically, I am stuck on the the ***** and Intersection portions, as my course materials have no reference for how to do this whatsoever.. My program currently just outputs all values in the set rather than the appropriate values (as shown in the screen capture at the end of the assignment instructions).. In addition, I am not sure if the rest of the program is correct, due to inconsistencies between the assignment instructions and the vague responses I have gotten from my instructor.

    Thanks to you all in advance !..
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    Exclamation What happened to the other posts ?...

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    Well, I don't have alot of expierence with C++ (done all the basics like data types, loops, primitive AI, functions, etc.) and you seem to be all the way at classes. But I do know about *****s, if that's what you mean.

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    I'm realising now that my C knowledge is very basic.
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