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Thread: Threads moved/undeleted

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    Threads moved/undeleted

    You may have noticed some changes in this forum.

    I think Moonbat covered the rules and reasons for this forum, but I'm posting this to let you all know that I've moved 'general' threads here, along with all the [intelligent] Saudi threads from before (I've undeleted them, as promised).
    Who needs drugs when you have electrons?

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    hoibiaTow Guest

    Threads moved/undeleted

    The important and duly answer

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    get rid of all the spam and this site will become alive again

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    Threads moved/undeleted

    i prefer to have separate specific threads rather than one long generic thing that will stretch for pages and pages

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    Threads moved/undeleted

    I don't understand what people don't get about this simple rule. Seriously, it makes deleting the Spam threads harder.

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