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Thread: complete un-installation

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    aryan2807 Guest

    complete un-installation

    hi there!
    Few years ago, I installed a media player software (trial version for *0 days) on my pc, windows XP, SP -*. After the trial period expired I decided not to purchase the full version because it was not so much useful for me. I un- installed that program.
    Some days later, I got a CD from my friend that needed that software (which i un - installed) to display files. I thought, I should install that software again to get one more month of trail. But to my surprise the program messaged that your trial period has been expired. Then I come to know that
    even after un-installation the program stores information that it has been installed previously, somewhere on the computer. I scanned registry, log files, etc. but did not get rid of this. could any body tell me how to fully un install the software and where does it stores information which resides even after un-installation?

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    What is the name of the program, version ect.
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    You could format; change date on your computer;or try this [url][/url]

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