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Thread: firewall problem

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    gms Guest

    firewall problem

    I am connected to internet thru a LAN , using a router.

    I want to host a chat program on my own PC but I cannot manage to get around the firewall problem. Can anyone s***est how can I do that taking into consideration that I am not the system admin ..and I cannot ask to admin to un-block several ports ...???

    Thank's alot

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    Re: firewall problem

    Originally posted by gms
    I am connected to internet thru a LAN , using a router.
    ........ I am not the system admin ..and I cannot ask to admin to un-block several ports ...???

    Thank's alot

    If your PC is part of a company network then I can assume that you have an internal IP assigned to you either by the admin or by the DHCP server that might look like this **2.*68.*.**2 or **2.*68.*.67.

    As you know the IP range **2.*68.*.* to **2.*68.255.255 is reserved to be used on internal IPs.

    From the other hand the network (to whom you belong) is connected to the outside internet world via (AT LEAST) * IP that might look like this 62.*87.**.254

    your IP (**2.*68.*.**2) or your next desk collegue's IP (**2.*68.*.66) or even the CEO IP (**2.*68.*.20*)
    ARE NOT visible to the outside world.
    (ALL given IP figures are examples)

    so , ONLY the server of your network is 'visible' with the IP (example) 62.*87.**.254 to the outside internet world. Usually on this server, we install a proxy, a webfilter, a DHCP server and of course a firewall...

    Conclusion, NOT only the main server should allow access to some specific ports (for your IRC), BUT MOSTLY he should provide adequate routing (biderectional) of the outside request directly to your post (example) **2.*68.*.**2 in order that the IRC client can 'virtually see' the **2.*68.*.**2

    IRC client--------62.*87.**.254----------**2.*68.*.**2

    now, let's assume that your next desk collegue who is on **2.*68.*.*45 would like to run his own SMTP server, and the other **2.*68.*.6* would like to run a specific HTTP server...

    Could you imagine this situation?

    Your request is NOT compatible with the philosophy of a company network.

    in case you find a (working) solution, let me know.


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    Unregistered Guest
    Ok ..I understand everything you said ....and I knew most of the things described by you ...but I give-it a shot ....mabe anyone can explain me abot this virtual routing part it possible to make this bidirectional virtual setting ??
    And after that I will be able to host a server ?? ..a chat server let's say or an IRC one ...


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    Thanks for the help

    thanks for the information and help .

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    firewall problem

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the validation :-

    So just to confirm, your issue was only the proxy server, and nothing to do with the issue reported earlier in the thread regarding firewall

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