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Thread: Brute Force, Yes Help Needed

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    Brute Force, Yes Help Needed

    So I won't make up a story about someone hacking into my facebook or myspace account. That didn't happen. But I am looking to get some revenge on someone that has disrespected me many times in the past. I have tried using Brutus (yes, I know it takes forever and probably won't work) on facebook because facebook doesn't have a limit on attempts to sign in, in a certain amount of time. I've tried various other brute force programs using the brute force technique and wordlists. Nothing has seemed to work out well for me. If anyone can give any help as to which programs to use or would like a project to kill some time let me know. I'd love to learn how to do this because it could become a lucrative investment. Thanks.

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    You have a better chance of tricking them. Sending them a password stealer/trojan and making it look like something they would want. The other thing that would be better is sending them a some fishing code to trick them into entering their logon info.

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    yea like coz says the phishing site would probably work..but if you have no way of talking to the person maybe you can create another facebook with pictures of somebody else become friends tell them to watch a vid of you, send phising site, and tell them that they have to log in to see it and bam..65/*00 probability that it may work =P

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    I think that the smartest way to hack into facebook is to get their hotmail pass first. On messblack you can get some php files that creates a fake hotmail login page. once youve done that make ann email acc like [email][/email] (most ppl would belive in that). and get him to logg into you page and youve got the pass. Then go to facebook and push forgot pass and they willsendyou a pass tp his hotmail acc. ive done it myself and it should work.


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