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Thread: Newbie Questions

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    Newbie Questions

    Hello ***rd. I'm brand new to a lot of the security issues discussed in these pages. It seems there are some knowledgeable people on this ***rd, so forgive me if these questions are too simple...

    I want to completely mask my identity, location and everything else when surfing the web. I figured out how to use a proxy to hide my IP, but I'm sure that's just the start of it.

    What other techniques would be helpful to hide the other environmental variables?

    What are the best anonymous proxies to use (preferably free).

    Some posters here have mentioned the Trace Route is an important factor. How can I hide or change the Trace Route?

    I'd imagine disabling Java Script and VB Script would help. How should I do this?

    How can I eliminate or disable cookies?

    Would using another browser help? How should I set that up?

    I realize that nothing is foolproof and a seasoned hacker can get into just about anything. But I'd like to take the first steps. Any s***estions are welcomed. Happy Holidays to all.

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    Re: Newbie Questions

    For starts get a firewall. ZoneAlarm has a free version and will do till you learn more about what you're doing. It'll stop tracert so that's taken care of. The last hop will time out and look like you're not online.

    Disable Scripting, ActiveX, and Java in Internet Explorer by clicking Tools, Internet Options, Security, Custom Level for Internet. If you use I E 6 cookies are under the Privacy tab. If you want a different browser try Pheonix or Opera.

    Keep your AntiVirus program updated and be careful what you download. Set your e mail proggy to use only text mail. No HTML mail. And NEVER open any attachments, no matter how much you wanna see Britney nekkid. LMAO

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    Thanks for the tips

    Real helpful stuff, thanks so much. I'm going to put those ideas to work right away.

    Another question...Any advice on anonymous e-mail servers?

    Any others with advice are appreciated....

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