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Thread: word list generator

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    word list generator

    Does anyone know a program or a way that can generate a word list (for bruteforcing). I know the first few letters of the password and I know that the rest are symbols and numbers. I would like to generate a word list like this:


    you get the idea!

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Be more specific:
    *. Is the first part of the password really "example"
    2. What symbols are included?
    *. What numbers are included? 0-*?
    4. How long is the password?
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    I included everything I know. Except for the first part of the password, example, which I don't want to share on a public forum. If you must know, the begging of the password contains ** lower-case letters.

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    If he doesn't know the begining part of the password, then he'll be forced to make a much larger program that'll take more time. Just PM him if you don't want to disclose the info here.
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