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Thread: ISP privacy advice needed.

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    ISP privacy advice needed.

    Help. My husband's ex-wife is trying to access my personal data. She claims that someone had junk mail sent to her from my computer and says she can get my ISP records. I think she's either lying or had it sent to herself. Just yesterday she gave a supposedly blank CD to my husband claiming she wanted me to copy some photos for her and I strongly suspect that CD has a virus or a trojan or some sort of spyware that will install itself on my computer. Needless to say, I didn't even consider putting it into my cd drive to find out.
    This person is well-known for using the internet to launch attacks on people she doesn't like. I am very concerned about my personal information being accessed by this woman. I have several brokerage and **** accounts that I access online and she could do a great deal of damage if she had the passwords for these accounts.
    Thank you so much for any advice.

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    What a b*tch The best thing to do in my opinion is get a good AV scanner/Security suite and scan your computer. As long as you have a good AV and firewall there really isn't anything she can do. Of course you having some basic computer knowledge helps a ton. Do regular malware scans, update malware signatures, monitor program internet access and make sure nothing is shutting down your AV.

    She could be right that your computer sent her junk mail. Many viruses and worms do this (however very unlikely it would happen to you). If her email isn't in your address book then shes probably not telling the truth. She sounds like she would lie about this stuff anyway. Also if your email address is web based she is definitely lying. Theres a lot of variables. Is your email with your ISP? What ever she means about ISP records is totally fake. I mean what is she going to get? The only thing would be your ip address and maybe who your provider is. And if you have a firewall you have nothing to worry about. But its common sense to use good passwords for everything so make sure you do that for your user accounts. That way she can't remotely login or brute force her way in. Also make sure you scan your computer with a rook kit detector. People are selling undetectable rootkits and she sounds like a bitch that spend the $200.00 for one.

    A firewall will detect any access attempts and any programs trying to access the internet so when there logged and if the same address keeps popping up you can bet its her. When that happens resolve it to its host name and email her ISP about her bad conduct. They may shut her off.

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    Thanks Coz

    I think I have a copy of Black Ice, but it may be a couple years old and not any good anymore. She's saying I went on some website for prozac or something and had her snail-mailed some info. Now we do have some teenagers in the house that hate her even more than we do, but I checked the IE history and there was nothing. Of course this was about * months ago when she first started whining about it. I don't think the crazy bitch could even get ISP records without a search warrant and they don't just hand those out to anyone who wants to invade someone else's privacy with no proof whatsoever.
    What concerns me the most is that this evil thing has so much free time on her hands. No job, we support her, and even have to provide her with daycare. Yes, the court system is screwed up bigtime, and I guess that's what worries me. The judges seem to kiss her ass on everything else, maybe they will on this too. What could she get realistically if they kiss her ass again? If it's just a report with websites visited in the last three months, I couldn't care less. But my personal information? OMG, this woman has actually been charged with identity theft in the past. Of course, nothing came of it except another ass-kissing courtesy of our legal system.
    I think she's been trying to password force her way in to my computer, and has given up on that route thanks to my hard-to-guess passwords. Now she thinks that all she has to do is whine to a judge and he'll hand over my personal information to her. Just like a judge handed her every other thing she ever whined about.

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    See what I mean?

    Yup. I KNEW she was either runnning searches on us constantly or had already hacked my computer. I haven't even used this alias anywhere else in months, yet she finds it in TWO DAYS? Which is the main reason I posted it to begin with. No names or otherwise identifying info whatsoever, just an old alias along with a rant about somebody's husband's ex-wife on some obscure geek forum. And yet she somehow magically knows about it 2 days later? OMG!
    What do you do when you are being cyber-stalked? We can't stay off the internet, I run my business on here. I reported this to the police, and the detective just said to keep those CDs, keep our doors and windows locked, and especially know where our kids are at all times. He said I could probably get a restraining order if I told all this to a judge, but they generally aren't worth a crap anyway.
    Does anyone else have any experience with this sort of thing? How often does cyber-stalking turn into the real deal? I think I'll go lock my doors now.

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    google alerts

    This is actually pretty darn funny; You post something completely false and fuill of allegations that are now in print about me- I find it on the web- search engine! and I am in the wrong~
    OMG- it's called google- you can sign up any phrase and it searches web every 24 hours. It is called google alerts.
    For the record, as this is an alias used before to post things about me and there are two others- i have them on alert so that I am notified of anything that may be written about me. This forum post was number * on google- not alot of searching! This was also legally advised.
    BTW, I was advised by two legal offices that I keep a ***** of info posted about me as far as all that has happened in the past- They recommend I closely monitor any possible harassment, libel or fraudelent activity. I have more than enough to show a distinct pattern of harassment. I am following the legal advice I recieved To protect myself from this type of slanderous behavior.
    Also google is legal and if it were not you could not set up alerts. Check it out! After 2 years of harassment I have learned to circumvent this crap. Please keep the cd's. Have them checked. They were blank unformatted cd'r's. If there is any proof to your allegations they will discover thr truth. I know there is nothing on those cd's- you are just creating drama.
    If anything is on those cd roms- you put it there.
    Those disks were clean and unformatted. I have done nothing but reply to your post full of lies-Don't post about me and there is no issue. Wasn't that the same excuse you used last March to post things about me- reply to my post- I replied to your post- same thing you did in the past.
    You don't have to stay off internet- just stay off about me or my children. Don't post information about me or make accusations- why is that so hard?
    Don't post gripes about me, don't post their pic's for financial gain and we have no issue.
    On Cyberstalking allegation and restraining order:
    *. I look forward to you legally proving i am the one in the wrong about this posting. You may have contacted a detective but I am sure they were not told the truth. You committed slander in libel form, defamation of character (further proven by response and admitting it was about me), all done in complete malice. And they told you I was wrong.....hmmm.. Nothing more to say. So please bring your post and yourallegations that have no factual basis.
    2. If you place any data on those cd's- maybe the real reason you were on here- try to find program to put on there to make me look guilty of something- and accuse me again we will deal with it in a court of law.
    *. You cannot post anything you want about someone and them not have the right to say anything. I have every right to defend false allegations.
    4. Please go ahead, press cyberstalking claims against me-I have more than enough evidence dating back ane xtended period of time to show who the real aggressor is.
    5. Funny, you posted lies about me and I am in the wrong for finding it and responding to them. I wonder if the tables were turned what your reaction would have been.
    6. Please file for a restraining order- I have had lots of documentation to get one too- but I have avoided it - but please open the door to that one. Discussion over. It's not worth it. You can try to justify your behavior all you want.
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    Love the drama.
    troy, if someone is finding out info on me i would...
    *. get an online virus scan. here, pick one. [url][/url]

    2. get a program called hijack this, run it, and post the results in the hijack this forum at

    *.Get a good security suite like Kasperskys internet security. Its pro-active defense is driving the trojan/keylogger writers crazy

    4. If you access the internet through a wireless router, make sure you are using a secure connection on your router.
    You are not being hacked, someone has probably installed some kind of malware on your comp.

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    Well not to be one persons side or anything because all this seems a little crazy but hear is my personal opinion... depending on what type of files are on there a lot can be determined. If there is a file binded to a picture or made up to look like a picture thats all the evidence you would need because executable files contain good info on dates and sometimes even machine id and other things in the header. But what would be the killer is the fact the trojan would contain her contact info. It would need to be able to find her computer and send data to it and if your a chatter or internet freak you would have it contact your email, instant messengers, IRC, web, etc. So all that info of hers would be there. Getting a binary searcher and looking for MZ and 2 nulls should find any executable no matter the protection because that is a executables signature so the operating system can execute it. All the talk about each other on the net I can't see any court solving it because its not a big deal unless something big happens. As long as you both don't give out each others name, address, other contact info, and or scamming like signing each other up to junk mail, buying things, snail mail, whatever, you should have no problems.

    Its usually legal to scan computer ports and look up any info about a ip address but as soon as you attempt to connect to that person with a malicious reason you can be in trouble. Especially brute forcing. Just use a new alias and install a firewall. If you read up just a little on things you'll be protected from almost anything. A firewall will make you invisible on the net, and if you get a new alias and don't use common search words in forums or posts on the net that someone would look up like "troylpn" or her name, your name, anything that stands out and can easily be dug out of search results. Its all common sense. If you need something erased there is all most always a way such as notifying a mod or administrator of a site or X-No-Archive for new groups, etc. If you have a wireless router make sure its protected other wise she can drive near your house and not only use your own internet connection but also see all your internet traffic. That is if its unsecure. Its so easy to keep people out if everyone would know some common rules of protection. The best out come is that you both become friends and stop everything. It will save a lot of time and energy. Anyway good luck 2 you both

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    Quote Originally Posted by myboyzmom View Post
    [some random rant]
    Welcome to the Internet, enjoy your stay. Some survival tips for a newbie such as yourself.
    1. Learn to use the Enter key to make paragraphs
    2. Getting raged makes you look like a retard and a kid
    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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    LOL- This is getting interesting to say the least! She is a retard and a kid? Like accusing someone of trying to get ISP records to access all on line data? IE history tells you that why under Internet Options you can delete the history of all sites? Retarded is calling out a judge for being an ass kisser and alleging criminal records of someone- I think her whole posts are fueled by the fact she is bitter that her husband has to actually support his children and she can't stand the fact that the ex gets ***** she feels she is entitled to. I mean it sounds like all they care about is *****. Who gives a damn about daycare on this forum? Seems to me it was childish and ridiculous to post that type of info that had nothing to do with her issue of a "bad disk" ROFLMAO- troylpn should rethink her anger and obsession about the ex and leave her be.

    " Well I guess if I read all kinds of lies about myself I might rant too... To me not near as childish as someone claiming all this from a blank CD ROM and it turned into a trip into espionage land where troylpn seems to have created a complete scenario with no facts.

    I would be kind of upset myself.
    But hey, I saw the troylpn posts as rants and psycho ramble. I mean you "think" but haven't taken the disk to a computer shop or had it checked out? And it was for you to copy pictures no pictures from the other person's PC?
    Just my opinion, glad not to have to deal with someone who creates alternate realities based on nothing. I didn't hear one fact to say the disk "had anything on it"- just a hunch.
    Well, calling one childish and not the other also shows that the childishness is all around! There are * sides to a story- part A's truth, party's B truth and then the real truth, We never see things completely clearly.
    If what the other poster (mom) says is true I hope they realize citing false criminal records can hurt you especially since everything you send anywhere has your IP embedded... But just me.

    My advice- don't even mention the ex- seems all she is asking for is to leave her alone. Doesn't seem so hard if troylpn really wanted to be left alone. Plus a restraining order won't help when you instigate fights... I also think that mom did not defame the other person only seemed to say- you are lying and quit posting anything about me without any proof. I think that goes without saying even on silly forums..

    My advice to troylpn- stop posting anything about her. She is obviously is pissed off about it. She did not seem to do anyhting but defend herself. Everyone has that right. Now, if you get "proof" she did something then accuse her till then maybe keep your mouth closed and quit stirring trouble. It is obvious she will be making sure she in not slandered.

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    Well it seems to me that you are over reacting to the disks that was given to you from the ex wife containing a virus. Maybe you have thought about doing it to someone else or possibly even done it yourself to some one else.

    I really find it hard to believe that if the detective had thought that the disks did contain some type of virus and that you and your family were in danger he would have done more than told you to keep the disks and get a restraining order. I think that after you said all that stuff that all the judge would do is kiss the ex's ass that you know that you messed up even more.

    Maybe if you and your husband would leave his ex alone you would not have to turn to the internet to play this childish game of blaming someone else for something that you probably did. Maybe if the two of you would leave the ex alone every one could gone on with their lives and live happily ever after.

    It appears to me that maybe you were the one doing the cyber stalking in the past and now you are accusing the ex to cover your *****s. It appears to me that you have way too much time on your hands with playing this childish game.
    Just from reading your posts it appears to me that you are the one that is being the bitch and just do not want to leave well enough alone.

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    My 2cents

    Drama, indeed! I'd just be willing to bet that momsboyz has blueeyes! LOL.
    Seriously. Troy, you are obviously dealing with a disturbed individual, to say the least. And they seem to be a bit obsessed with trying to get even with you, and have plenty of time to do it. I'd do everything that Coz says on the internet aspect of this little drama.
    If you won't respond to anything she does, internet or otherwise, she may get tired of this game and move on to another target.

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    Lightbulb Paranoia has definitely set in.

    I believe troy really is paranoid. Nope, I am not the same person as mom. Nor am I related to the user you have accused me of being. Heck, even my email I signed up with is not a anynomous email like hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc. FYI, I am on my lunch and only post on official breaks because I do not sit on PC all day and night.
    Forum: Please feel free to check IP address for my posts. I know without a doubt they have to be different.
    But let me throw it right back at you- I bet you are either Troy or the pitiful ex.....
    Am I close? I believe in the defending an underdog and I felt like should someone defend the person initially flamed. You attacked her and she said nothing other than "stop". It seemed everyone is ready to crucify the person who was saying leave me alone AND defending the allegations made against her. When did that become a crime? If I were reading these things about myself I would be angry also, maybe even rant a bit. I am a guy who found this forum looking for help with a virus issue I had. This thread came up on main page as active.
    Be careful, I have no ties to you and I will take very personally about getting any unwarranted attacks. I take it personally you are attacking me with paranoid allegations that are unsubstantiated and unwarranted (oh, but I think that may be your pattern of behavior).

    None of us know the whole story. But I do know you shouldn't post allegations without definitive proof about anyone. I would bet a $*00 bucks you are either troy or a member of her family. I would be willing to bet if momz had not been slandered (in her eyes) she would have never posted a reply.

    What if what she says is true? What if it has been going on two years and she finally said- "enough- leave me alone". She is bad for standing up for herself? Troylpn is a saint for making allegations against someone and she can't defend herself?
    Everyone has that right! I would be willing to bet she has taken a lot of smearing about her and she finally said enough.
    Oh and Rickgeek with * post yourself and just joined- I bet you know TROYLPN- I even bet if the victim is telling the truth these tactics have been used before and your IP may match hers.... HMMMMM...
    Do you think everyone is stupid? You started the attack, you are the aggressor and you refuse to leave her alone...I would go as far as to say this is the same tactic used before as is the pattern for unbalanced people.
    So let me ask -----as an impartial person I am not troylpn, ricgeek, momz....
    Momz- You say that this has been going on two years? Have you been the victim of this person assuming multiple identities to further defame you? I wonder... I would say yes. Also, rickthegeek aka troylpn it seems you want it to continue.
    So forum mod- check my IP address, check myomz- Is it the same? i w ould bet the farm they are not. I will stand the test- It ain't me who is trying to deceive you people. I know my IP is not the same.

    Momz, Take your legal advice that you say you recieved. Keep copies of all posts that defame you, keep a record of all false identities used to slander you.
    Unfortunately our legal system has not tweeked the internet laws but they will.
    Take troylpn seriously, she seems to have a serious grudge against you to post lies (I choose to believe who I want- I am an American).
    But the good news- any false criminal allegations (like in first post-) might help you press charges. They can be proven as false and seen as legal slander. I hope you printed her posts for future reference on malicious intent.
    Good luck! "When your going through hell keep on going".
    Don't ignore her behavior, document it. Sillly lies cannot refute physical documentation.
    Coz- I don't see them being friends- I would advise against it-
    my advice- just leave each other alone and stop fighting. You both should not post about the other under any circumstances. I see momz quit.
    Momz posted * post and now she is being accused of more devious plotting.

    Paranoia is a disturbed thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat.
    Specifically, they have been defined as containing two central elements:
    *. The individual thinks that harm is occurring, or is going to occur, to him or her.
    2. The individual thinks that the persecutor has the intention to cause harm.

    Don't falsely accuse me of being someone I am not.
    Last edited by blueeyes2000; 01-17-2008 at 02:22 PM.

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    Last Post. She wins.

    Well, I've finally had enough. This is only a small part of what I have had to deal with for 2 */2 years and I'm done. My husband and I have decided to go our separate ways by the end of this year. This is only one issue that we have, but it's the one that was the last straw. I wish we were in a financial place that I could do it now, but neither of us have the means to go anywhere immediately. I did contact my company and they said it would be no problem to find me a similar position in another city which I'm not about to name here.
    I hate that it has come to this, but I have come to realize that this soap opera is never going to end. I have children and it's not fair to put thier well-being into question any longer. Maybe when I am no longer married to "her" husband she will lose interest in my life and move on. Maybe they can even get back together with me out of the picture. Maybe she'll realize that if she settles down and stops acting like a nut then a reconciliation will be more likely to happen. He might actually take her back if she'd stop acting like a spoiled, attention-seeking brat.
    As for the "false criminal accusations", well, all I know is what I read in the police report, I guess the sheriff's deputy filed a fake report on her. Hey, maybe now she can go after him instead of me!
    As of this moment. I am officially done with her and her crap. I told my soon-to-be-ex husband if he and his "ex" appear on Jerry Springer to please, please not mention my name. This has all been lots of "fun" since it has all been under fake internet identities, but it has made me realize just how dangerous a tenacious "disturbed individual" with an agenda can be.
    When I married her ex, I had no clue what I was walking into, now that I am fully aware of the potential danger of this situation, I think it will be best to focus my time and energies on removing myself and my kids from it.

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    I have a feeling someone related to this argument is going to end up injured or dead, and the police will probably come back to this forum looking for details.

    This argument gives me some pretty massive lulz, keep going guys
    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." -Karl Marx

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