Ever since the internet has become so readily accesible, I've dreaded this day.

My daughter is *2. I allowed her to have access to the HOME computer, and told her she could set up an email account - after all, 'all her friends have them'.

Long story short, I noticed that she's stopped logging into the account at home. But I know she is still using it, as I've heard her talking about it on the phone to her friends. In addition, any time I ask her about it, she gets very defensive and then walks away.

At this point, I'm afraid that she's hiding something - there has got to be a reason why she NEVER checks her email at home.....

She usually doesn't go over to her friend's houses that much - so I think she must be logging in at school.

Is there something I could use to monitor her activity? Since she doesn't log in at home, would it be possible to attach something to a zip file of pictures or something? We've all been told not to open exe files......

My other question would be about the legality of this....if it were to install on one of her school computers, etc.

Sorry for so many questions. I'm just physically sick about all this - her defensiveness scares me so much.

Thanks for any help