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Thread: does anyone know how to hack someones myspace?

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    does anyone know how to hack someones myspace?

    i would like to know.
    and if you don't want to tell me ,
    do you think i could give you an email and you could find the password?

    if anyone can do any of this , i would greatly appreciate it.
    thank you.

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    your only solution will be to try to trick the person,send a keylogger and "bam" matter of time before you'll get the myspace login.
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    I can't remember my myspace email

    I just found out my old myspace account is still there, I thought I deleted it but I guess not, well I remember the password for it but I can't seem to remember my email for it, so I don't know what to do now, all I want is to have my email back so I can log back in my account, and I also have a old good friend on my friends list that I'd really like to talk to again, but I can't log in if I don't remember my email. Is there anyway I can hack my myspace email?

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    if u have access to her computer, u can download spy software, any normal keylogger will work, and you can buy it. Other than that i think you just need to sit there for hours and try to guess her password. Good luck!
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    I agree with noz*...... but be aware that if the person has vpn , firewall. It might not work. Why would want to go to that length to hack into someones social media account anyway???

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