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Thread: how to steel Rapidshare Premium Account

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    sunni_419 Guest

    how to steel Rapidshare Premium Account

    This nifty little tool reads from a list of about *000 diffrent usernames and *000 diffrent passwords by default but you can add more to the list if you want and then it tries each and every account with each and every pass word and it will tell you which accounts it cracked with their passwords!!.


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    Don't waste your time with this it's a trojan. Specifically Ardamax keylogger.

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    Thanks for the information coz. It's always fun to get a valid reason to edit posts
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    No problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibogdan* View Post
    try this:
    Go through every level and at the end you will find a rapidshare premium account.
    this Link is a porn link, it has nothing to do with the subject of this thread
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