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Thread: new proxy

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    Quote Originally Posted by coz View Post
    Pretty awesome site The PHProxy you are using is very common. It will probably get picked up. I'm not totally sure though because web proxies are much harder to detect because they send no proxy info in the http header. So web filters may only look for a blacklist of sites?

    Anyway I see your into MMA teknicalissue. Are you watching the big fight this weekend? Sylvia vs Nogueira && Mir vs Lesnar. It's gonna be good!
    haha didn't mean to ignore you, i just saw your post. so howd you know im in to MMA? lol read my profile in cybernin? haha and yea i saw the fight, it was pretty good don't you think?
    Yes..i do wear a grey hat... and don't plan on changing to white or black..

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    Oh yeah! I was very surprised at the heavy weights. Lesnar came out swinging. Pretty good fight. I try to keep up with the mma shows but I hate paying around 40-50 for them.

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    haha true ture, but you know that its gonna be out on the net the next day =) so don't pay haha just wait that extra day, thats what i do
    Yes..i do wear a grey hat... and don't plan on changing to white or black..

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    Why grey hat when black would have been better?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teknicalissue View Post
    good tip, but they didn't block out my proxy, the blocked my whole page, and on a side note i know for a fact that my school just blocks the i said, the people not clearing history was gonna kill me. my IP address alone works fine though =)
    Yes, good tips thanks for sharing this informative tips, this will going to help many peoples who is looking some proxy related issue.
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    good knowledge

    Nice. I got good knowledge . thanks for the replies

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