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Thread: Wanted: Revenge-bought A Prepaid ****** Card, He Stole It And Used It(have His Email)

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    Angry Wanted: Revenge-bought A Prepaid ****** Card, He Stole It And Used It(have His Email)

    I need some help.

    I bought a genuine $25 Wachovia **** gift card from this guy online. He told me I could change the user id password and everything on it, which I did, via the actual wachovia webpage.
    I checked it recently though, and he had used it, and there is now only *.76 left in the account.

    He's not responding to emails, so i can't get his ip address, or at least, i don't think i can. He seems to be pretty smart as far as computers go, not responding to anything. The only information I have on him is his AIM id (csquared2c), and email address (ccondon**@**********).

    What can I do to get revenge? I'm not necessarily interested in getting the ***** back, as its only 20 bucks, and would probably need to spend three hours filing claims and what not.

    What other alternatives do I have, before having to file claims and stuff?

    I'm pretty much a noob at anything revenge wise, so help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.



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    Just an idea, but why don't you make up a female sounding name and try to talk to him over IM. Once he responds open a command prompt and use the netstat tool to get his ip address.

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    headers much?

    umm...would you happen to have any emails from him? if so, you can check out the header for the ip address =)
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    It amazes me that people (not you tek, or coz, I'm talking about others) think that you can 'inishiate leet hax' just because you have an IP address. Unless the guy has forwarded ports on his machine (which most people don't) and has a piece-of-crap firewall, you can't really do anything with an IP besides denial-of-service attacks, which still wouldn't be able to do much unless you had a substantial amount of zombies for a botnet.
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    I totally agree! The only thing I would do with an ip is if someone really pissed me off (did something to my files/computer) I would use their ip to report them and do a quick service scan on there computer. Depending on what services are there I would go from there. But now a days firewalls are smart enough to block everything and not reply. Unless your at the tip of the iceburg of hacking and you have private or zero or negative day exploits your probably not going to be able to do much. Why everyone thinks hacking is quick and easy I have no clue. Movies? Media?

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