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Thread: collection of keyloggers

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    has anyone

    loaded a keylogger .exe onto a usb drive and take it to your local cybercafe or library??

    when undetected for even just a few days,the results are amazing [url][/url]

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    That would be illegal. Besides, its probably been tried before, and most places would have security programs to prevent that.

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    Elite Keylogger works in low-kernel mode as a driver-based monitoring software recording every detail of PC and Internet activity. It is the optimum solution for homes, families, small and middle offices, as well as big companies with the need to monitor
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    Usually there is a reason someone would want to install a keylogger on you... cheating, online passwords, email.

    If they use a commercial version, just do a add/remove programs from control panel and it will show up. Also ctrl+alt+del will have an unusual entry in the process list.

    Most commercial versions do not show up in the applications list not on the sys tray.

    Another way would be to do a find on *.log files and look for something obvious. Then you can edit the log file as a text document and resave. This will leave the person suspicious of your activity baffled!
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    Great list but I would like to add to the list two key loggers that i have used and works fine: [URL=""]All-Spy Keylogger[/URL] and [URL=""]Stealth Keylogger[/URL].
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    Quote Originally Posted by MrByte View Post
    If you're looking specifically for trojan removers that are aimed at keyloggers, here are two products that can help:


    If you're looking for a general purpose anti-spyware program, try something like AdAware by Lavasoft. It's good.

    Thanks to the subject of an excellent effort

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    great list

    great list....this is what I'm looking for...
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    So many keyloggers, are they free or cracked?
    Do you have Mac Keylogger which is cracked copy of Aobo Mac Keylogger from [url]http://aobo.**[/url]

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    we don't approve of cracks/warez here.

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