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    I'm thinking about buy the Spytector. I was woundering what else i need for it. i want to send it over a email.
    Do i need to buy a binder as well?
    I know they have mcafee. this one is undectable correct?
    If i do need a binder could you guys gimme a link to get one or if you have one.

    Im having problems with this spytector. How do i figure out my SMTP port. and the SMTP address. I also dont know what the FTP setting are.

    I really need help i dont know what im doing at all..I dont know any of the information i need. I read the user guild and it didnt help me at all. i cant even get the email thing to work.
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    It's supposed to be undetectable. There is a fixed version of the new one floating around.

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    well,in the spytechtor page,they sell an undetectable file joiner,most of the binders around the net are either detected or backdoored.
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    You don't have to use a binder, but it helps. You bind your keylogger with, for instance a pic, and both will open. Basically, you are trying to fool them into thinking file is legit. [url][/url]
    See my last post here for smtp.

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