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Thread: Prorat ERROR **004

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    Prorat ERROR **004

    se edition

    Resolving SMTP Server...
    SMTP Server: gsmtp*8*
    Connecting to gsmtp*8* ...
    RequestDone Rq=8 Error=**004

    Which means some sort of socket error ...this is what i get when i do the
    "test mail" and the "proconnective notification test" =
    **i get test cant be delivered**.

    and to top it off i also receive a similar message error from my keylogger test in ardamax ....

    and btw i did do a search under prorat error **004 and nothing listed out of the 2 pages indicated.

    Any direction to solve this issue is appreciated.
    thank you.

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    Also, try a different port, like 465.

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    thanks for the link. This has given me a lil more insight in my quest to get this prorat client working as i am not able to receive a test email confirmation. I even have the no -ip duc client and it does check out my hostaddress ok. but when i do a "Test" for proconnect i receive "message cant be delivered" as if the prorat command is not leaving my box or something...

    Now im not using outlook or any email client on by machine, im supposing i should be able to receive this 'Testmessage" directly to my email in google rite? I have checked my spam ...but there should be nothing; as command is not going thru from prorat.

    Anybody? have any ideas.

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    Using the no-ip client means you are reverse connecting, email notifies are not needed. The server connects back to you through the no-ip service. Make sure the proper ports are forwarded on YOUR router, (if you have one, that is.)
    un-authenticated smtp emails are not reliable. Many isp's block smtp emails, except for their own. Try an email address from your isp.
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