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Thread: Help on WEP/WPA cracking

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    Help on WEP/WPA cracking

    Well, I've done my Googling, but I have yet to find any definitive help for cracking into protected networks for a guy using Windows. Most tutorials involve *nix programs, *nix stuff, etc. It's not that I [url=]do not want[/url] to use a *nix system, it's just that I don't have experience with it, and I want a Windows tutorial using programs that will run on Windows.

    Oh, just so this thread isn't just me crying for help, I'll include some links I've visited trying to look for help:
    [url=]*. This very informative guide, sadly it's using *nix stuff[/url]
    [url=]2. Any Wikipedia page you can think of[/url]

    So yeah, I need a decent tutorial, or some tutorials, on cracking WEP/WPA using programs supported by Windows. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    There are a few reasons why it's a complete waste of time to try hacking WEP on windows. Forget about Cracking WPA ever, it's just too complicated unless your victim has a really STUPID password. Which doesn't usually happen.

    *) Monitor mode All official wireless chipset drivers developed for windows do NOT support "Monitor mode". Monitor mode is used to set the card into passive / sniffing state in which it can listen to traffic and capture necesary packets.

    2) Packet Injection NO driver for windows ( if you happen to manage to get drivers supporting monitor mode ) is capable of injection. Period. This means that you'll have to spend a few weeks collecting packets until you can attempt cracking the access points encryption key.

    *) All the main programs used to crack wireless networks are much easier to use under linux, very few are programming to work on windows & are b***y.

    If you are truely intent on cracking WEP on windows, you need to find the correct HARDWARE that uses a chipset that someone has patched for monitor mode under windows. To see a list of compatibility to know which cards are necesary, look here.
    [URL=""]Aircrack-ng Compatibility list[/URL]

    the Most common / trusted chipset drivers for windows are here:

    Keep in mind on ALL new Linux distro drivers support monitor mode directly.. without special patching. Many distros now provide the drivers already patched for Packet Injection as well.
    If you're interested in using Linux, I recommend you download

    Back***** is a Live* Distro based on Slackware Linux which comes with all known WiFi chipset drivers patched for monitor mode and Packet Injection.
    It also has Aircrack preinstalled already..
    It's also used to undergo various other network attacks.

    Hope this helps some.

    EDIT: The first link you gave is indeed a informative tutorial, and it's based *00&#*7; in Linux, so you might as well partition your disk up a little bit to make room for some Linux and broaden your knowledge ring to Linux! because Linux is the best!
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    Wow Sheperd, very informative post

    I'm glad to see you actually backed up your statements instead of saying "Get Linux its easier". If what you say about wireless cards for Windows not supporting monitor mode is true, I guess I really will have to get Linux. But now my question is, what Linux distro would give the best support for this type of operation? I've never heard of Back***** so I'm not sure if I should trust it or not.
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    Back***** is fine, it's a derivitve of [URL=""]slackware[/URL], BT's sole purpose is to execute various network auditing tools / attacks, and it comes with all drivers patched. I've already had Back***** recommended to me many times by other Linux users, I only tried it once though, which wasn't enough time for me to evaluate it to the full, but the menu had loads of tools, Aircrack-ng was just a needle in the haystack of programs included in the BT disk.

    You could also get Ubuntu, it works great for me, and it's probably one of the most popular Linux distros available today. It's a derivitive of Debian. I recommend trying them both, the experience you'll get in Linux simply from setting it up on Ubuntu would be valuble.

    but to answer your question.. Back***** will support your cause MUCH more because it was made to do what you are attempting now.

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