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Thread: List Linking for Mail Bombing

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    List Linking for Mail Bombing

    Well, I was at Chapters, and I found a book on Ethical Hacking.
    Well, I was reading about E-mail bombing.
    I heard there is a way to link a whole bunch of subscription mails to clog up the email ID?
    Well, this book was made in 200*, and it also says that Hotmail
    only gives you *28 mb (?) for your storage, so I guess it might not work anymore.
    Does anyone know where to subscribe the people to for this purpose?
    Or do you have to use a program to do it?

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    Definitions (nothing important)

    This is an English-only forum. If you are going to post in another language, an accurate English translation must be provided.

    Esto es un forum de Ingles. No hablamos Espanol. Si tu vas a hablar en Espanol, necesitas traduzcar tu post en Ingles

    Lol, I hope I got that Spanish right. I've been taking it * years and it'll be a shame if I screwed that up.
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    Well, I'm sure you were trying to define list-linking for me.
    I wouldn't have understood it anyway since I don't speak Spanish (I live in Canada).
    So, does anyone have an answer to my question that wouldn't be censored out by any of the Mods?

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