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Thread: Help with deadbeat program vendor

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    Help with deadbeat program vendor

    This is my first post to your group, and really hate to ask for help on my first post...but i am getting frusterated. I'm not looking to break any laws, or cheat anyone out of their hard work, I only want what is fair.
    I'm sorry my problem isn't regarding actual network stuff, but i decided to post here because of the type of forum this was...respectful, intelligent group!
    In ***7 I purchased 2 programs from a vendor in Italy that specialized in programs for 2 stroke engine developement. I don't remember exactly what I paid but it was not cheap. The programs where DOS based, and were installed on my old 486...Ya, that's going back, isn't it. The programs were compatable with Windows *5, but i just left them on my old 486.
    Last year, I copied the contents of my old 486 to my new computers hard drive, and into the *****ter it the old girl went. In the last few months I have gathered my old discs for those programs, and tried to make preparations to load them to my new P4 Win XP pro machine.
    My problem is that these programs are protected with an install code that the vendor provides, and he will not answer my e-mails.
    I've sent several e-mails, and have not been able to get a response.
    I posted my problem to a 2 stroke engine forum that I frequent, and found that this vendor is also giving others the run around also.
    What I'm asking for today, is for advice, help, tips, anything that could help me install my old programs onto my new machine.
    I will include several more posts in this thread to explain my position further.
    Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.


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    The following is further information about this request for help.
    The Vendor that is giving me the trouble by not responding to me is named
    Soft-Engine, and they are based in Italy.
    The programs that I purchased from them are called:
    2T Port , and Cons *.0

    When the program is first loaded, it generates a code, this is e-mailed to the vendor, and the vendor returns a unlock code.
    The following is an example, this is the original unlock from the Cons *.0 program.
    Number generated by my computer: 4027*AE2
    Number returned by vendor to unlock: 2E8****5DE24

    I will follow this post with copies of my e-mails to them, as well as others attempts at getting help.


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    My e-mail to Soft-Engine

    To: [email][/email]

    Transferring my programs
    To: [email][/email]

    My Name is Darcy, In approximately ***5, I purchased the programs
    2T Port, as well as CONS. I later purchased Vybro.
    I have had these programs on an old computer in my shop for many years, and now it has died. I would like to transfer 2TPort to my new computer, as it is the only one of the * programs that I still use. I can not find any of my original install programs, but I do have all of the files available from my old computer if that helps to verify my purchase.
    My past corespondance, and purchase were done through Rosanna if that helps with anything.
    Please advise me as to what i will need to do to transfer 2Tport to my new computer.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    From a 2 stroke engine forum

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    Is anyone else using the 2-Stroke software from Soft-Engine in Italy. I've had some of their programs since ***5, and now i'm getting frusterated because i want to move the programs to a new computer, and i can't get an e-mail response from them. I'd be happy to pay for an upgrade, but if the program is the same they should help me with the codes to make it run on my new machine. Not answering my e-mail is not good business! Any ideas from the group?



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    QUOTE (Darcy R @ Feb *6 2008, *2:4* PM)
    Is anyone else using the 2-Stroke software from Soft-Engine in Italy. I've had some of their programs since ***5, and now i'm getting frusterated because i want to move the programs to a new computer, and i can't get an e-mail response from them. I'd be happy to pay for an upgrade, but if the program is the same they should help me with the codes to make it run on my new machine. Not answering my e-mail is not good business! Any ideas from the group?


    Here's my soft-engine story:

    I too have 2Tbase, and finally moved to a new PC with windows XP.

    I very politely asked SE for a new install code- as you know, the software asks for an unlock before you can perform the installation.

    They flatly refused to help. The conversation went like this


    At 0*.*2 **/04/2007, you wrote:

    I purchased 2Tbase 2.0 several years ago- my discs say 26/**/***7
    I will be in your records, I hope, as

    I recently changed computers, and I need to reinstall 2Tbase on my new PC.

    My installation code is



    Randy N


    Dear Mr.Randy Norian,
    you buyed a software *0 years ago,
    you can realize that the old codes are'nt valid like the assistence and so.
    To solve this you have pay *00 euro and you can have code and licence for *0 years again.


    At *8.*5 **/04/2007, you wrote:
    Hi Gabriele-

    Thanks for the reply. has the software been upgraded in that time? It appears to be unchanged, looking at your website. But, that does not matter anyhow.

    I do not wish to run your new software, I simply want to get my old software running. Is there a time-limit on how long my license is valid? I'm not asking for ********* assistance on how to use it, and I am not trying to get you to give me new software. I simply want to re-install my *0-year-old discs. Surely, this is not an unreasonable request?

    If there is a 5 or *0 year time limit on my license, then that should be made clear in the licensing agreement. ?


    Randy N


    On Apr **, 2007, at **:4* AM, Info Soft-Engine wrote:

    But the time you answer this means assistence to you, why we have work for you free?

    HI again,

    Don't worry, this is the last.

    You know, I have purchased 2Tbase, MOTA, and Dynomation. If you want to extort $*50 from me, to re-license *0-year-old software which I already own, and which appears to be unchanged in the last decade, I can get along without 2Tbase.

    I will be sure to share my experience your excellent ******** service, with my friends on the 2-stroke ********* forum and 2-stroke mailing lists.

    Thanks for nothing!

    Randy N


    They sent this response to a guy who was chiming in on my behalf:

    soft-engine responded to Steve Shaw:

    >>Mr.Steve Shaw,
    the 2TBASE works under DOS environemt, so the old code doesn't works, the old codes aren't valid for the more recent versions of the Windows,
    so we worked to upgrade this old software to make possible the installation, and somebody
    have pay our job or we have work free for the life?
    I would repeat the meaning if Mr.Norian want the old code is not problem, but then it can't
    make installation, and so it we will ask to us our solve the problem, and the solution means Service, Assistence, Work, Job !!!!! THE OLD CODES ARE FREE THE SERVICE NO !!
    Do you understand our mind?
    Anyway the US market for us is very very little (few units) so it'isnt convenient keep in production an old and obsolete software.
    So it is better to wait the new 2TBASE version working under Windows it will be ready.


    So my final response was:

    >>Again, at this time I think we have made our point, and you all have been fantastic.

    Soft-engine never took the time to explain anything like this to me, their brief replies - in total- were included in my original posting.
    pretty much: "pay for an upgrade or we do not talk to you- even now we are working by talking to you"

    heaven forbid that anyone do a little bit of extra work for a ********. Perhaps the ******** will appreciate it and buy new software? One never knows. I provide ******** support in my daily job. Often clients tell us that the extra work we do, makes all the difference.

    I have never insisted that this software work under windows, I am installing it to run under DOS, as originally intended.

    The current Demo installs and runs on DOS under Win XP and appears to be absolutely identical to the software that I used previously. I strongly suspect that my old SW will still install and run just fine under DOS, just like it did before.

    The installer will not proceed, until you enter the unlock code from soft-engine. All I needed was that code.

    I do not require them to re-engineer their software to work for Windows XP or Vista or anything else. I never asked for those things.

    All I ask for is the code to allow installation to proceed on my present computer, in response to the installer question: F4*4*E8D

    and if it would not install, then, maybe it is too old to run under DOS, under my XP computer. I can understand that operating systems change, and old software may not run.

    I have other software that will only run under Windows *8, or DOS. Perhaps I will install a Win *8 virtual machine onto my new computer. I would still need the installation code. I am completely capable of making 2Tbase run on my computer, despite soft-engine's protest to the contrary.

    This is not an insurmountable problem. Again, all I needed was the code that allows installation to proceed.

    Soft-Engine did not ask what operating system I am now running. They did not determine that their software would not run on my computer. They simply said "no, we will not send you the unlocking code"

    The only "insurmountable" problem is that SE would rather make *0* excuses, than generate an install code.

    I found a screen capture of my old 2T base, the software was written ***7, and installed onto my computer Dec ** 2000

    so, I have owned it approximately 6 years and 4 months. I installed it onto DOS, on Windows *8.

    it is now 2007 and 2Tbase is unchanged, and still a DOS program, if that gives you any insight as to the tremendous resources being allocated to this product.

    I used Soft-Engine for a long time and learned a great deal from it. Now I am moving on to other things.

    Thank you all for your support, let us all go our own ways! Perhaps, Soft-Engine will be willing to expend a little extra effort for their next ******** (even if that extra effort is simply a better answer as to why they can not help)

    In that case, then we will have accomplished something positive. ;-)

    Have a nice day!

    Randy Norian<<<

    Soft-engine was flooded with hundreds of emails from a lot of terrific guys who pitched in to help me out. Quite possibly, some of the guys on this forum! Eventually, after much pissing and moaning, they sent me the install code.

    Guess what, it worked, and I installed soft-engine and it runs under DOS, just like it used to.

    Consider the amount of effort they expended, to NOT help me. I would far rather support any other software vendor, in the future!!

    Randy N

    Eventually, I will have made every possible mistake, and then I'm gonna be REALLY smart. Still working on that first part, though...


    Yesterday, Mar 2* 2008, 0*:26 PM
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    So anyway, good luck with your endeavor! ;-)

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    Send a PM my way

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    Sorry I don't speak very well English, I am French.

    I'm sorry to go up this old topic

    I encounter the same problems as Mr. Pipe with Softengine software and changing PC.

    Can you help me revive its programs ?

    Best regards

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