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    Prorat Help

    Hey em... i downloaded this hacking pack off a torrent site (sorry if not allowed to talk about them hear did not know) and it came with prorat and loads of others
    Poison Ivy 2.*.0
    Prorat 2.0 SE
    SharK 2.2
    xHacker *.0
    The one i am trying to get to work though is Prorat as i have heard this is the best (plz correct me if i am wrong) but when i try to load it and any others it just says "Windows can not access the speccifed device, path or file. You may not have the appropiate permissions to access the item."
    Do i have to log in as the Admin as in through Safe Mode.

    Plz help,

    P.S I am a totall noob to hacking

    Edit: Oh sorry but i just found out that when i properly turn off my AV it works but now when i run them i get a message saying it cannot load mscorwks.dll... plz help
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