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Thread: Password Cracking?

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    Password Cracking?

    I was recently contacted by someone with the email address [email]theherkman@**********[/email]. He offered to sell me a program for $*0 payable via paypal that cracks http and https passwords within hours. I'm not sure if I believe this, but I would only be out $*0, right? Does anyone know this program?


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    THC Hydra can crack HTTP and HTTPS login passwords, as well as many other types of logins such as SMB and POP*. The best part is that it is free to download.

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    Password crackers typically come in two flavors: dictionary based and brute force.

    A dictionary-based password cracker contains a database filled with words from the dictionary, common names and often catch phrases from popular movies. You have probably heard people say that in order to have a secure password, you need to mix random numbers, letters and symbols. Doing so makes the password immune to dictionary-based cracks because random character strings would not be in the cracking utility's dictionary.

    A brute-force cracker would be used to crack passwords consisting of random character strings. Brute force works by trying every possible combination of numbers, letters and symbols until the password is revealed.

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    How to find a password to an yahoo account

    I need some help. I am trying to figure out a way to find out what my boyfriends password is on his yahoo account without him getting any emails to his account. I want to know if he is cheating on me.

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    kelly77, Put on a disguise, like a fake beard, and follow him.

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    kristan2000 Guest
    * salts:[-]COUNT set a passwords per salt limit This feature sometimes allows to achieve better performance. For example you can crack only some salts using '-salts:2' faster, and then crack the
    rest using '-salts:-2'. Total cracking time will be about the same, but you will get some passwords cracked earlier.
    * format:NAME force ciphertext format NAME
    Allows you to override the ciphertext format detection. Currently, valid
    format names are DES, BSDI, MD5, BF, AFS, LM. You can use this option when
    cracking or with '-test'. Note that John can't crack password files with
    different ciphertext formats at the same time.
    * savemem:LEVEL enable memory saving, at LEVEL *..*
    You might need this option if you don't have enough memory, or don't want
    John to affect other processes too much. Level * tells John not to waste
    memory on login names, so you won't see them while cracking. Higher levels
    have a performance impact: you should probably avoid using them unless John
    doesn't work or gets into swap otherwise.

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    When you set out to crack a password, the first question you have to ask yourself is what kind of password is being cracked. You will need a cracking utility, and most utilities are program specific. For example, you would need a different type of utility to crack a Microsoft Office document's password than you would to crack a Windows domain controller password. The password cracking utility is irrelevant to the discussion, though, because such utilities are so easy to come by. Just search the Internet for password crackers and you will ...
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