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Thread: Password Stealer

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    Unhappy Password Stealer

    ok, me and my brother share a laptop and, he installed this program called Ace Password Sniffer and another one called like..UW password stealer (i cant remember the name of the last one...anyway)

    i need to know how to stop those programs from getting all my passwords or just find the location of it at least so i can pause it for a while when i do all my stuff etc...

    i also read the programs specs online and it says that the program takes up no network traffic and all and its undetectable etc...also i gleamed something about a server and log in for the ace one...but im not really sure about that.

    please help?

    cuz i have to change my password EVERYTIME i need to use myspace/gmail.
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    Try a few online virus/malware scans. Be sure and pick the ones that clean. I recommend A-squared. [url][/url]

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    thanks a lot, ill try that right now:

    i should also say that we have Kaspersky version: 7.0.0.*25 and that we have different user accounts on Windows XP, although hes admin and im not, and that i know his account pass.

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