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    What's the difference between a gateway proxy and a non-gateway proxy?

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    A gateway is a network point that acts as an entrance to another network.

    A gateway is often associated with both a router, which knows where to direct a given packet of data that arrives at the gateway, and a switch which gives the actual path in & out of the gateway for a given packet.

    In the network of an enterprise for instance, the computer server acting as a gateway is often also acting as a proxy server and a firewall server. The nodes connected to this server can at their turn (eventually) have other proxies. In this case those proxies installed on node computers are 'considered' as non gateway cause they only provide proxy feature to * machine.

    To make it short & clear, take a LAN,
    *.put a proxy on the server that has the external IP, this proxy is a gateway.
    2.put a proxy on a machine with local IP (**2.*68.x.x), this proxy will be 'considered' as non-gateway.

    that's all.


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    Thanks !
    One more question if I may. Would it be reasonable to surmise that the non-gateway proxy might be more anonymous?
    Thanks again...

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