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Thread: Need to stop some idiots

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    ive been reading and im not too sure I should even post for fear that maybe im about to get googled!!!

    My question is about some jerks that think that crashing servers is fun to do. All its doing is ruining everyone elses fun because we dont want them using their lil cheats in the server and they are way obvious.

    So my question is this If someone can please answer this for me. I have been googling for days!.. How on earth are they crashing my server and HOW do I stop them! I just cannot understand why people just want to crash gaming servers. What is the point? that they cant be caught? because I can tell you this.. one day they are going to make me angry enough to spend alot of ***** to hunt one of them down. I need to figure out how to stop them before Im the one that needs to be stopped! Please help me here. I hear they are using a program that sends like 60,000 packets to ports all at one time.. Or port scanning over and over. Every time it happens I type in Netstat -an into my run menu and i see my own Ip over and over andover with diffrent ports to the right of them. This like 60 times over again. can someone please tell me what this is and how to stop them? I dont want to hurt anyone or hack anyone.. I just want them to stop hacking ME!!

    Thanks alot in advance,

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    look men im not a hacker(but im tring to become one so they wont call me a noob) but i think that hackers will show you their trick just because you ask them to.
    A smart teen with no knowledge

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