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Thread: Please help!!!!

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    Please help!!!!

    Hi all
    I have a problem:
    With my yahoo-email I can't send any attachments anymore(normal text-email works fine and acount works fine on other machines and I CAN send att. with a gmx account!!??) and since then I get a popup message everytime I open my browser from "jenny saying she is sorry she missed me..."
    I have tried adaware,deleted my browser cache have uptodate norton AV,but can't find anything!!!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    In tools/internet-options/security maybe your settings are too high - try setting to medium and see if that works - if they already are medium then I'm not sure why.

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    Thx for reply, but nope that was one of the first things I did...
    (Even had them to low) I think it started when tis darn popup thing started - but as I said I ran adaware and it found nothing...

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    Update your Virus definition database.Perform a full scan.If it doesn`t work maybe it`s some nasty virus.Don`t know why does that happen.I bet you run winblows.This OS sux more than any.
    Shit similar to this happened to me and i installed again winblows.
    You see why on the net life is more atractive... when you made something wrong you can re***** and re*****,etc.. but in our real lives you can`t do that..who knows!? maybe we live more lives.maybe Budha is right

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    Only one thought - Yahoo Mail requires javascript enabled to use attachments - have you switched it off.

    If it's on then it may similar to a problem I once had in Win*8 - I had to reinstall the Java Virtual Machine from Micro$oft site before I could get some progs to work again.


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    you may want to try a product called spy bot. It finds what adaware misses. Also try an online virus scan like Panda, RAV, or bit defender. Dont use norton online scan

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