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Thread: Problem with sound system

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    Problem with sound system

    My computer's sound isn't working. I have tryed two pairs of speakers and it says that there is a problem with my sound device, also it said that I might need to close another program that is using the sound...(IDK what it could be though). I tryed a pair of headphones and it said it again. I even tryed a pair of speakers that my friend has (that work) and it said it again. Can anyone help?

    thanks you for you time----------------------------------------------------


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    Did you recently format your HD? You might have to reinstall your drivers for your sound device, whatever it may be.
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    Did u get this to work...Driver problems is what it seems

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    Headphones and speakers just receive an analog electrical output; the computer doesn't receive any feedback about their status or if anything is actually pl***ed in.

    The problem is most likely with your sound card drivers or sound configuration. Try running the disc that came with your sound card, or downloading the latest drivers.
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