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Thread: Is steganos Internet Privacy anygood?

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    Is steganos Internet Privacy anygood?

    hello, has any one been using steganos internet privacy suite. Is it any good? where do they get listing of proxy servers is it randomly pickedup from net or have they setup their own servers.In any case does anyone of you have information about their privacy policy, do they keep logs? Is it worth buying their product. pls let me know if you have any experience with their software.



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    Probably secure enough (if it works the way it says) for run-of-the-mill stuff - but I've read reports saying some products like this are just a vehicle for getting your details for marketing purposes.

    Remember if you purchase the product they've got your ****** card details and their server presumably logs all the times you use it - so they're a one stop shop for anyone wanting your real details.

    I's say you'd be better finding your own proxies for free.

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    Thanks ma8, i also thought about it.

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